3 Main Advantages of Laser Cutting

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Cutting is one of the essential aspects of metal fabrication, and it requires great precision to create products of the highest quality. That’s why laser cutting has become the norm in the metal fabrication industry. This technology applies heat so great that when the laser beam hits the metal surface, it vaporizes the metal, resulting in a clean cut.

3 Main Advantages of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting comes with all kinds of benefits, so it’s no surprise that it is so prevalent in metal fabrication. Here are just three main advantages of laser cutting:

  1. Automation- Laser cutting is controlled via CNC machining or other technology. The movements are pre-programmed, so very little manual work is needed. Automation allows for more control over speed, and it produces consistent results humans cannot replicate because machinery handles repetition extremely well.
  2. Precision- Laser cutting is very precise and leaves less room for error. Because it is precise, the metal requires less finishing than it might otherwise. In addition, laser technology allows for precision without forcing the machinery to come in contact with the metal, which means both the laser cutting tools and the metal won’t suffer from excess friction or force.
  3. Energy Efficiency- Because laser cutting is efficient and not abrasive, it doesn’t use as much energy as other cutting methods, such as waterjet cutting.

We regularly use laser cutting in our operations at Fab Metal LLC. If you need metal fabrication or want to learn more about what we can do for your through laser cutting, contact our team today.