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Our team has the right knowledge and experience to take care of all your metal fabrication, machining, coating, and assembly needs.

The company’s heritage is based on Helm Tool & Die in Morristown and Fab Metal LLC in Knoxville, both family-owned and operated companies with humble beginnings; Mr. Helm started in his private garage in 1974 and Fab Metal LLC was started in 1997 by Mr. Lowe. Today we have 70+ employees between our two locations in Morristown and Knoxville, Tennessee and our ownership group consists of Audun H. Hansen, Max Below and Marla Seals, who is the daughter of Mr. Helm.

About Fab Metal in Knoxville, Tennessee

We take pride in our work, and you can count on us to deliver the excellent results you are looking for. One of our company’s goals is to help draw more metal manufacturing work back to the U.S. through a combination of superior workmanship and unbeatable customer service.

In the past year or so, our company has come under new ownership, and this change has breathed new life into our operations. We have used the opportunity to upgrade our equipment, so our shops now have state-of-the-art laser cutting, machining, and welding equipment that we can use to work efficiently and accurately. We have also updated our business practices to increase the quality of our service and make your experience of working with us enjoyable and satisfying.

Our team has proudly served East Tennessee throughout our long history, and we want to continue to provide this service for the growing pool of local businesses.